Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rinse and Repeat

Again and again and again and again.

Hands up those who agree that when the radio overplays a song, it totally ruins it.


Even if she kinda failed at rocking out the song, I quite liked Taylor Swift's Back To December at the AMA '10. But as usual, I postponed downloading it till like a month later.

By then the radio stations had begun spamming the song till it was spread so thin; to the point that it contracted that 'all stations are playing this same song at the same time' disease.

So when I finally downloaded it, I:
a) Felt like such a trend follower
b) Was already utterly sick of it

Some current songs the radio should stop replaying over and over:
Just The Way You Are (I KNOW. Still ongoing.)
Back To December
The Time (Dirty Bit)
Hold It Against Me (says sis but I still like it)

Sucks when a good thing gets overrated.

I mean, seriously.

P.S.: Then again, finding the balance between satisfying the requests and not overplaying a song is not that easy so cheers to the radio station peeps.

2 commentz:

jeff said...

this is where u start listening to mp3s insteaad of the readio :p
that way, u listen to songs only u CAN overkill :p
oterwise, try these songs and see how it is - they aren't really mainsteam (I think)but good replayability:-
1) Marina and the diamonds - The family jewels album
2) M.J and Akon - Hold my Hand (surprisingly not repeated alot)
3) Mandy Moore - I see the light

BTW, happy new year :p

~*JJ*~ said...

Haha, I don't know why but I don't quite fancy the Akon and MJ one. >.<

Happy new year too!