Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rinse and Repeat

Again and again and again and again.

Hands up those who agree that when the radio overplays a song, it totally ruins it.


Even if she kinda failed at rocking out the song, I quite liked Taylor Swift's Back To December at the AMA '10. But as usual, I postponed downloading it till like a month later.

By then the radio stations had begun spamming the song till it was spread so thin; to the point that it contracted that 'all stations are playing this same song at the same time' disease.

So when I finally downloaded it, I:
a) Felt like such a trend follower
b) Was already utterly sick of it

Some current songs the radio should stop replaying over and over:
Just The Way You Are (I KNOW. Still ongoing.)
Back To December
The Time (Dirty Bit)
Hold It Against Me (says sis but I still like it)

Sucks when a good thing gets overrated.

I mean, seriously.

P.S.: Then again, finding the balance between satisfying the requests and not overplaying a song is not that easy so cheers to the radio station peeps.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Pacman

Nyuuuuu, it's getting closer!

The day classes start again, that is. Come to think of it, I still haven't asked anyone when it is yet lol.

*makes reminder to remind self*

Soooo, mostly random stuff and updates.

The amount of pics on my blog will probably decrease now as I lost my camera on my Japan trip. Thank goodness I lost it on the first day and my tour giude was nice enough to lend me his till the battery ran out.

Imagine if I lost it on the last day. Damn dulan lor no pics at all.

Actually already dulan I lost it at all. -.-

But oh my gosh, the snow is sooo beautiful. Despite freezing my butt off at times, it was still so awesome.

It's like that lovely fluffy white blanket of snow you imagine it to be is like 38168275672 times more beautiful.

We trudged through it, made snowballs, had fights, made snow angels, caught it and even attempted to build a snowman a few times. It was really fun. ♥♥♥

Thanks dad for letting us go. :)

So okay, some random pics first.


Food from Dave's Deli is yums. Cabonara win.

Cute hedgehog.

Cute mama hedgehog with cute baby hedgehogs!

Lunchies at Ole Ole Bali with Ash and Anna!

Too bad Sam tak jadi come coz we basically went from restaurant to restaurant all day. :P

Ben's model!

Nice right?

This side seems a bit zen-ish to me lol.

Teeny bed lol.

And reception area. It's a hiker's club I think.

Feel like hacking visiting his blog and posting up these pics in his for him, it's so bare.

Awesome decorations for Christmas in 1U. It's a tiny town!

Eddie koko's birthday dinner at Crocodile Farm Restaurant.

This chicken was epically yummy.



Help cut cake!

Awww, a card! :)

Whatchu get?


An iPad! :D

Mostly if not all camera phone now. D:

Waterfront decorations are nice too.

Really pretty.

Xmas tree!

Dressed up for Christmas! And liking the gifts from Japan? :D


Personalized wei. :D

Crabs too!

Bloody huge. o.o


Sis and I quickly picked our flavours because the last time we dallied, we got really retarded stuff. D:

Fiona is a Christmas baby! :D

Awww :)

Then it was gift exchange time! :D

Lookit at what I got~~~~

Cute leh. :D

Still haven't named it yet. Suggestions?

Sis got extra gift because she picked the special card. :D

Chocolates! ♥

Okay, the rest is mostly more random pics again liao.

Like the build-a-bear in Parade!

OMG since when Malaysia got build-a-bears wan? :D

And marimo which is super strong lol.

Yes we were bored okay. :P

Tang yuen night? It's a bit plain because we did it in a rush.

Mum randomly dumped a container of flour on the table while we were having dinner and told us to make some lol.


I want a good camera! D:

P.S.: I don't know why but I found this hilarious.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Estranged? Not Really.

I love them.

I really do. At least I think I do. I feel sad when they feel sad and happy when they feel happy. I want to support them when they’re down and help them when they need it. I am willing to sacrifice for them and I feel the need to protect them.

I hope that’s part of what loving someone is.

But I feel like the problem is that I can’t spend too much time with them. It’s like we just can’t mix well that way. Like chalk and cheese. Like day and night. Like marshmallows and pizza.

Wait, no. That last one might work out.

Like… Like oil and water. You mix them up and they seem perfectly fine churning together in the glass at first. But give it time and they soon start to separate into that two distinct layers. You just can’t keep them together for long.

It’s like that with them sometimes. I’m fine hanging out for the while, just chilling and stuff. We talk, we laugh, we get about.

But sooner or later, we inevitably start rubbing on each other’s corners. Everything will seem fine but somehow someone with start something that will lead to stupid things being thrown at each other with vehemence that is not always justified or reasonable.

And it’s far from a pretty sight when that happens. There’re tantrums and arguments and blame being tossed back and forth and for one brief moment, I could swear that I actually hate them with all my guts.

But when I calm down, I find it stupid: most of the things we argue about. And I don’t know if the other party sees it that way but I think they sometimes do. Sometimes they don’t, and those are the ones that simmer at the back of our minds, ready to boil over in a blast of rage the next time an argument happens.

I don’t know if they feel the same way, but I see the pattern anyway. No matter how hard they try to draw me in, they can’t possibly not see the most basic of outlines of how it will go. The timeline here plays such a huge part in how much we get along.

It’s not that I don’t always hate spending time with them, it’s just that I feel like I can’t. I do think we’re better nowadays as we’ve matured or learnt more patience. But it is still not smooth sailing and it feels like the more we force it, the more ill the feelings get. It’s so taxing, having to keep the tempers and eye rolling to a down low, and it’s worth it. At times.

Other times I feel like there is not point to it. I myself feel completely satisfied hanging out with them in short intermittent periods of time; I feel that’s enough to make them understand that our relationship is still important.

Problem is, I don’t think they see it that way. That’s when the misunderstanding starts. Subsequently, it piles on and on, by and by. Till it reaches that pinnacle.

And boom.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Laser Doggy Eyes Pwns You

Ughhhhh, 5 more days!

I would call it doomsday if I were trying to be dramatic but I won't so I shall just call it Day That Everyone Who Did Well Lives And Everyone Who Didn't Aka Only Jia Ying Dies.

I hate waiting for stupid things like that. I already know I screwed up so bad I can just go hide myself in a deep hole of shame and bury myself under a heap of dirt.

Thing is, I'm so not used to studying. I never had to like consistently study before. My procrastinating habits never got me the best of what I could get but my results were pretty acceptable still.

Up till now.

Slacking off this term was one of the hugest mistakes ever. It's really terrifying to see myself unable to cope with uni work. The results I got so far can go into that hole of shame too.

At least I realize that before finals. I did try to make use of the two weeks of study break and revised everyday. But I don't think it helped much. I am still gonna get very bad marks.

Possibly even a fail. When was the last time I worried about a fail? (this refers to subjects that actually make sense, meaning sejarah and moral are excluded)

Maybe I just don't know how to study. And that I'm stupid. I'm just not university level. Plus, it's hard working so hard for a course you don't really care that much about.

So I guess my scholarship is gone. Hah, wonderful. What are you doing with yourself, Jia Ying?

Talking to myself apparently.

I really gotta play up, don't I? Hopefully next term?

RIGHT. I shall be happy and keep singing while immersing myself in One Piece to temporarily distract myself from the impending doom- I mean, Day That Everyone Who Did Well Lives And Everyone Who Didn't Aka Only Jia Ying Dies.

So yeah, Sara Bareilles' chorus is quite catchy and is stuck in my head. T_T

Who cares if you disagree?
You are not me
Who made you king of anything?
So you dare tell me who to be?
Who died and made you king of anything?


Laser doggy eyes! And yes, I shall always use that sound effect when it comes to laser doggy eyes. :D

Ah'm so happeh! The ticks are almost gone meaning we can let them off soon and they can move into their new dog houses!

They are super cool, wooden and like miniature human houses! Hope the boys love them.

Rest is spammage of random yums and a few pics from the trip to Genting.

Claypot porridge from a kopitiam near our house. :D


Alfredo at Mandy's in Summit! But the bottom half of the pic kena cut off liao. D:

Don't know why my pics get corrupted sometimes. T_T

Yay, Genting trip!

With yummy food also. :P

Dinner before Glitz! We can has steamboat and grill!

The tomyam soup was omfgtehyums.

Performance was cool, especially the acrobatics. But the magic was a bit... stale?

The second night, we had dinner at The Olive.

The service there is always awesome. Don't know if they're paid for it, or instructed to do so. But yeah, very good.

Lee Yan jie jie very pretty! :D

Celebrating Gaik jie jie's early birthday! :)

Sisters :)

More sisters lol.

Teh family. :)

Megan and her aunt, Sien jie jie. :D

Janice with her uncle, Beng koko.


Dad's lobster with cheese. Omg lobster. Plus cheese. Omg.

And a warm chocolatey dessert.

Oh heaven is really a place on earth! *joyous tears*

Birthday cake! The daughters help cut it. :P

And the after dinner activity was....

...playing iPhone games!

Everyone (bear in mind most of us are adults over the ages of 25) was just so into it. I mean, look at them! :P

Can you just FEEL the intensity there as they compete to milk a virtual cow of her milk?


Anyways, Melacca food trip was awesome and I think I gained weight again. Yay.

Pics soon! :D

*insert hot guy spazz*

This dude I just discovered while watching Disney's 16 Wishes. He's really cute but hasn't acted in many shows. D:

P.P.S.: Ignore me if I'm a stressed up bitch on the 2nd, an emo bitch on the 3rd and a wildly in denial bitch by the 4th.

P.P.P.S.: Daddy totally agrees with me that JB's smile looks like the Joker's!

HAH, great minds think alike lolol.