Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Night Blues

I has them.

I seriously don't think blues are just confined to Mondays. By Sunday night I'm already in that dreary 'I hate my pathetic life why do I have to work/study tomorrow' mood.

Ugh, and gen chem practical tomorrow too. Plus, it's a full day.

Oh joy.

At least I had a great weekend. :)

Yay for optimism. Speaking of which, it is extremely entertaining to watch Ben be pessimistic, something which is so not him.

"Errrrrrr.... Oh look, the glass is half empty."



"Look, the glass is half empty."


Ok ok, done random rambling.

We helped organise an Amazing Race in SJBA last weekend.

Tiring, time consuming, stressing. But we did it. And it wasn't half bad. :D

Here are some random pics, the rest you can get here.

Hui Fern's not even pretending for this photo, Ben's just being mean. :P

This would've been awesome except it's durian ice cream. Like ewww.

We has video! :D

Ben why you dodge RAWR.

And actually Crys was awesome because the water balloons were super hard to burst.

Best was still the one with the fork. :D

Couldn't upload those two vids on FB so I had to put them here.

Here are the rest:

Apple trial run

Taste test

Inchworm trial run

Singing and more singing


Teacher Annie brought us pizzas! She's awesomesauce.

So on the day itself, we arrived pretty darn early (by early I mean rooster also belum bangun early) and started setting up.

CLK full of pretty balloons! Is clown car now. :D

Ninjas! QK

We had ten stations and mine was the apple one. :D

Apparently it was the hardest, along with the Frozen T-Shirt one. :DDD

The winners! :D One team member missing wtf.

Awesome bookmarks Wan Cheen they all made. :)

So all in all, super tired but quite satisfied. Hopefully the participants were too. :D

P.S.: Orphan kitties in the temple.

They have no mummy. D:

Hope they're okay.

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